For the first few weeks, the following page, and a number of assets, will be updated and revised. If you are looking to create any permanent applications using the new identity system, please contact us to ensure you are using the most up-to-date assets. Edits to legal designations and the Advent Sans typeface are currently in progress, and will have an affect on the official denomination lockups as well as entity identifiers.

Logo and Symbol Downloads

Are you looking for downloads of the logo and symbol lockups and the symbol alone? Downloads are available in 18 colors and three versions (SVG, PDF, PNG) on this page.


The color system moving forward is variable and up to designers to select based on the project. However, the base/default color system is built upon the work done for ALPS, which can be viewed here.

Advent Sans

Advent Sans fonts are open source. All Advent Sans fonts are published under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. The first Advent Sans font—Advent Sans Beta, has been updated to Advent Sans Logo, which includes tighter global letterspacing, contextual, pre-kerned alternates for key words, as well as embedded, writable Adventist symbols, accessible by use of the [ and ] keys. Included in the most recent version below is a resized ™ character for use in regions where the symbol or name aren’t fully registered.

Download the Advent Sans font

Entity Identifier Template

If using the below template to create an entity identifier (as detailed here), it is required that you use the ® mark after the words Adventist and Adventists in the English language, and use ® or ™ as required for other languages. If creating entity identifiers in languages that read left to write, use the Left-and-Center-Identifiers template, and if creating for languages that read right to left, use the Right-and-Center-Identifiers template.

In most cases, the reading-aligned version of the identifiers are the preferred versions to use.

Entity Identifier Templates by Language

Corporate Identity Templates

While the system allows a wide latitude for creative expression, it is understood that some people may prefer to simply populate designs instead of create new ones. Over the next few months, in communication and collaboration with world divisions, we will be providing a set of key applications for global use and modification, working with church communicators to understand their needs.

The set of items below include an InDesign file for US letterhead, #10 Envelope, and US business cards, to help kick start custom designs and/or production of pre-printed systems or office-printed designs. To open and use these files you will need access to and working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, or work with a trained professional who can help set up your local variations.

Also below are two versions of Microsoft Word letterhead using the Advent Sans and Noto fonts for easy customization. This section and these files will be updated in the future to include detailed instructions for use.