Motion Identity

To better explore and present our Seventh-day Adventist Identity, we need to expand beyond just still graphics. Motion helps to portray who we are even better. To animate the logo, we had to go beyond just still image, using movement, shapes and colors to tell stories.

So, what is the story we want to tell through the new animated logo? The story how God created the earth in a literal six-day period. At the end of the creation week, God looked at everything he had created and declared it good. With that in mind, the colors, shapes and patterns used in the Motion Identity, were inspired by God’s creation.  

When you stop to think about those days, it’s incredible to grasp the creativity and diversity God planned and created in only six days. It’s like an infinite source of inspiration.

For a church as diverse as ours, the idea in this Motion Identity Pack is diversity: different colors, shapes and movements, that can be adapted to best suit videos and/or project from all over the world.

Download the Template

The 1.0 template version of the Motion Identity Pack includes more than 1,000 possibilities of different animations within the Sabbath Column using 5 different types of visual effects: solid colors, gradients, noise, patterns, and real images. This pack also includes 4 variations of the animated logo, plus one full concept logo animation with more elements.

This template was made in Adobe After Effects. If you, or your team, are not used to this software, there’s a tutorial series explaining how to customize the project even if you don’t have much experience.

Everything is in 4k and adapted for various formats as square (1:1) and vertical (9:16).

How to Use the Templates

Software Basics




A Real Example, START to FINISH